Why Our CBD is Exceptional

In a crowded market, every brand seems to tout itself as the best. But logically, they can’t all hold the crown, right? To separate fact from fiction, here are five compelling reasons that our CBD product is superior in efficiency, quality, and pricing.

Our commitment goes beyond merely selling a product. Each item we offer is a trusted companion for our families and pets. This isn’t just a business; it’s a community of happy customers, and we’re excited for you to join!

Now, let’s delve into the attributes that make our CBD products shine brighter:

Cold Extracted ❄️

  • We grow our hemp near our production facility, utilizing cold-extraction with alcohol to preserve its purity and potency. Unlike some extracts that use chemicals like butane or hexane, we uphold a centuries-old tradition of alcohol tincture-making. Alcohol has been safely used to make tinctures for thousands of years — and there’s no alcohol in the final product.

Triple-Filtered  🧪

  • Our oil undergoes multiple filtration processes to eliminate any plant residue, fats, or waxes, leaving behind an whole spectrum and clean tincture.

First-Pass Distilled 💯

  • We distill our oil only once. This process preserves over 100+ cannabinoids and 200+ terpenes and flavinoids, resulting in the coveted ‘entourage effect.’ With the bitter taste of chlorophyll eliminated, it’s truly a symphony of components at work.

Crafted for Peak Potency 🥥

  • We use organic ingredients wherever possible, shunning unnecessary fillers or stabilizers. We can confidently vouch for our products’ purity and quality because we use them too – even for our pets.

Fair Pricing 🏷

  • We’re dedicated to offering top-notch CBD that won’t break the bank. Unlike other brands charging 2-4 times more, we provide superior products at accessible prices, backed by a full guarantee.
  • We firmly believe in the positive influence of conscientious businesses. As a testament to this belief, we donate 12% of all profits to support meaningful causes.

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