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Chill out and focus. These 5:1 CBD to THC gummies provide a perfect mix of calm energy, focus, and smiles.

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40 Gummies • 50mg CBD & 10mg THC Per Gummy

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Discover our Calm Energy Gummies, a versatile and tasty blend of CBD and Delta-9 THC.

These gummies, containing 50mg CBD and 10mg THC in a 5:1 ratio, provide a perfect mix of calm energy and focus for working in the garden, playing DJ on a long roadtrip or perhaps just enjoying a warm evening. Best of all, they’re legal in all 50 states and cost a fraction of what you’ll pay elsewhere. Our prices are much lower than others in order to be accessible to more people.

Experience a subtle, uplifting sensation suitable for any occasion, thanks to the 5:1 CBD-to-THC ratio. The soothing effects of CBD counterbalance THC’s psychoactivity, giving a gentler energy boost and mental clarity without an overwhelming high. This balanced combination reduces stress and promotes harmony during daily activities or leisure time.

Calm Energy Gummies are great for professionals looking to recharge after work, or anyone seeking improved focus during social events, weekend outings, or artistic performances. Their taste is good and has more of a cannabis undertone because of the high concentration of whole spectrum oil. It’s made of organic ingredients, including plant-derived colors and flavors.

Until you know this product and its effects well, always start with a small amount—maybe a small nibble of the gummy. It takes 20-60 minutes to feel the gentle, lasting increase in energy, focus, and relaxation.

Pro tip: Start with half a gummy (or less) to find your sweet spot. I love taking these before a fun night out or sometimes on a weekday when I want a little extra creativity and joy.

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40 gummies





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Blue Raspberry: Organic cane sugar, organic tapioca syrup, pectin, organic red raspberry concentrate, hemp-derived concentrate, organic color from blue spirulina, citric acid. Passionfruit: Organic cane sugar, organic tapioca syrup, pectin, organic red raspberry concentrate, hemp-derived concentrate, organic color from purple carrot, citric acid.

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You deserve to know what you are paying for. Our competitors charge $120.00+ for 1,000mg – 3,000mg of CBD (Compared to our 6,000mg). CBD markup is ridiculous. Below is what it costs for us to make one bottle – not taking into account costs that don’t fit nicely into a category like hardware and overhead.

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Subscriptions are a great way to ensure you don’t run out of CBD. They also help us predict cashflow and help offset shipping costs which = better for the environment. If you find yourself taking Tonico regularly, give it a whirl.

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Sometimes! Depends on the coupon. Our “reducewaste” coupon works!

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Simply contact us and we’ll update it! No, we won’t ask you 20 annoying questions. It’s just easier for us to manage the subscriptions than have our customers try to do it, because that usually turns into an administrative nightmare.

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