About Us

I was first introduced to plant-based remedies in 1999, while in the mountains of Honduras as part of the Hurricane Mitch relief effort. A few weeks in, I fell violently ill. After three bedridden days, I was visited by a local doctor who offered me a drink that tasted of bitter herbs and cola. By the next morning, I was on my feet again—stunned and grateful. 

It was the first time I’d ever experienced the power of plant medicine. That might sound naive these days – so many cultures have known about the wisdom of plants for centuries – but for me, it was my first exposure to non-Western medicine. And it was profound.

Fast forward to me in my mid 30s: The wear and tear of multiple snowboarding injuries were piling up (I fall a lot), and I was finding it more and more difficult to manage my depression and anxiety. I found myself getting the same answers: "Have more surgeries. Take more drugs." Those things have their place, but I felt like I was getting diminishing returns. So, I began investigating plant medicine as a way to complement Western medicine. Enter CBD!

CBD isn't a miracle worker, but it was a game-changer for me. It didn't miraculously eradicate my depression or cure my injuries. But it has been a transformative force in my life – so much so, that I changed careers and began working in cannabis in 2017. And, I have learned a great deal.

I’m not here to make outrageous claims about what cannabis can do for you. I strongly believe this industry needs more transparency. But here’s what I can say for sure: 

  • I know that not all CBD products are created equal. 
  • I know that most CBD tinctures are overpriced and watered-down.
  • I know that there are so many unethical health claims out there, it's hard to know what to believe. 

This is why after years of research and overpaying for mediocre products, I created Tonico. I wanted something high-quality at the lowest possible price. Something I could tell my friends about. And, well, I hope that's you.

Martin Reed
Founder of Tonico

why Our CBD is superior

Cold Extracted ❄️

  1. Our US-grown hemp is cold-extracted using alcohol. This pulls all the good stuff from the plant and leaves the rest behind.
  1. Some extracts use chemicals like butane or hexane. Gross. Alcohol has been safely used to make tinctures for thousands of years — it's a tradition we're honoring — and there's no alcohol in the final tincture.

thrice-filtered  🧪

  1. We filter the extracted oil several times to remove any plant material, fats, or waxes. This ensures the tincture is maximally effective... and delicious.

First-pass distilled 💯

  1. Our oil is only distilled once, ensuring the presence of the minor cannabinoids that create the entourage effect. This means all the cannabinoids work together, like members of an orchestra coming together for a symphony.
  2. This distillation process also prevents the bitter taste of chlorophyll.

Formulated for maximum efficacy 🥥

  1. Each ml of oil contains 100mg of CBD. We use organic coconut oil to extend release and slow CBD absorption. This means the benefits last longer.

The price is right 🏷

  1. Our primary goal is to offer CBD at a price everyone can afford. If you've seen other CBD companies, they charge 2-4 times as much — and often for an inferior product.
  2. We stand behind every sale with a full guarantee.

Compassionate Pricing

It's important to us that everyone has access to affordable, high-quality CBD. If you are a veteran or if your income  prevents you from purchasing our product, contact us. We'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

We donate 12% of Profit

We believe conscious capitalism and business can improve our world. In addition to offering discounted products to those who need it most, we also donate to a few non-profits near and dear to our hearts:

Project CBD—Promotes and publicizes research on the medical uses of cannabidiol (CBD) and other components of the cannabis plant.

Weed for Warriors Project—Holistic rehabilitation for veterans through community, care, cannabis education, and compassion.