Whole Spectrum CBD for people who care about clean ingredients.

And did we mention it's twice as potent and half the cost?

"After a bad fall and concussion, I had intense physical pain that wouldn't go away."

“When nothing else worked, my doctor said, ‘suck it up and take the fentanyl, this is the rest of your life.’ I was terrified and a friend guided me to CBD. I’ve been taking two bottles of Tonico a month and have been free of all prescriptions for over a year now! I can’t thank you enough, Tonico!”

Debby K

Verified Purchase • WI, USA

Best Seller ☀️ Daytime Blend

The Original Formula. Whole spectrum, super clean, potent, and affordable.

Each Tonico tincture contains 6,000mg of CBD suspended in coconut oil. Coconut oil is the perfect carrier. It’s nutritious, clean, and ensures a slow and steady delivery of the CBD. Most of our competitors sell 3,000mg at most, and it’s around $120 per bottle. Our CBD is potent, pristine, and affordable. 

💯  Whole Spectrum CBD is superior
🌾  Locally sourced
🔬  Independently tested
❄️  Safely extracted
🤝  30-day satisfaction guarantee
🌎  We donate 12% of profits

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"CBD is the only thing that's helped my severe leg cramps and charley horses."

“I’ve tried magnesium, bananas, apple cider vinegar, vitamin B-12 shots, everything. One night during particularly bad cramps, I rubbed CBD on my legs in desperation. My legs relaxed and my cramps stopped in under a minute. It blew my mind. CBD hasn’t cured my leg cramps, but it has helped me move again. I now sleep with Tonico beside my bed.”

Josh C

Verified Purchase • MN, USA

We donate 12% of Profits!

We believe conscious capitalism and business can improve our world. In addition to offering discounted products to those who need it most, we also donate to a few non-profits near and dear to our hearts:

Project CBD—Promotes and publicizes research on the medical uses of cannabidiol (CBD) and other components of the cannabis plant.

Weed for Warriors Project—Holistic rehabilitation for veterans through community, care, cannabis education, and compassion.

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